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A boutique management service for property owners who offer long-term rentals in the Sedona market.

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We are thrilled you are here and look forward to assisting you with your property management needs or home rental search.

Good Property Management, LLC opened its doors in 2001 and focuses exclusively on professionally managing a select inventory of long-term, unfurnished rental properties in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.

GPM’s philosophy is simple:

First, have an inventory of properties that are well-maintained and sparkling clean.

Second, find a well-qualified, responsible, and financially secure tenant to rent your property.

Third, maintain the property in tip-top shape as well as continue good communication with the tenant in order to build a long-term, positive rapport with all parties.

Chris Good, Broker and Owner of GPM has been doing just that for over two decades. The majority of her clients have been with Good Property Management, LLC for over 18 years. About 85% of her clients are long-term investors. The other 15% are clients who plan to ultimately live in their Sedona property.

Chris says,

“Most of my properties have had tenants in residence for five or more years. That makes for happy tenants and happy owners.

I have excellent properties, top-shelf clients, awesome tenants, and stupendous vendors!

The most common joke I have heard since opening my doors in 2001 is, ‘You should be called Awesome Property Management rather than Good Property Management.’

This makes me smile and never gets old. 😊”

NOTE: While Good Property Management, LLC does not manage vacation rentals (whew), if you’re considering converting your vacation rental to a long-term rental, let’s talk! The peace of mind of a long-term tenant may be just the thing your life needs now.

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“I actually worked with Chris twice. First, when I moved to Sedona and rented a condo for a year, and then again about five years later, I rented a house for four years from her. She was always really professional and made sure little issues that came up were promptly addressed. Chris didn’t treat me as just a tenant, but also a friend. Not only did she look out for the landlord’s best interests, but I also felt like she was looking out for mine too. I never felt like my voice wasn’t heard with her. I always felt respected and valued as a tenant with her.”

Tricia S., Tenant, Sedona

Sublime and Dependable
“Chris Good and Good Property Management are the best in the business. Honest and reliable… their word is their bond. Any emergency that arises at any hour of the day, and Chris has a dedicated team of professionals who show up to help, including herself! In addition, she is a lovely individual and a pleasure to know and work with. 5 Stars!”

Jahnay P., Tenant, Village of Oak Creek

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